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Dr.hanan Taleb

(British University)


Dr.John Alexander Smith

(British University)


Dr.Fatima Smith

(British University)


Dr.Vahid Ghobadian


Dr.Iraj Etesam


About the congress

About the congress:


 The Third International congress on Sustainability in Architecture and Urbanization


Environmental crises and disturbances and attention to them have been some of the most important apprehensions of social studies throughout recent years. Architecture and architectural studies, alongside other arts and fields of study, are trying to impediment and stop the destruction of our habitat. Thus turning the dream of having a non-polluting city into a reality.

The International Congress on Sustainability in Architecture and Urbanization in the month of “Esfand” tries annually to enhance the goals of sustainable and green architecture by upholding world-class scientific and theoretical panels and workshops. We are always most fortunate to host high-ranking international professors and officials.

This congress will take place in the month of “Esfand” in Dubai, Abu Dhabi and Masdar.


The deadline for sending in abstracts and full-text articles is 1395/10/30 (01/19/2017)

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