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Frequently Asked Questions


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):
1.When is the deadline for sending in articles and is conference registration in person or online (over the phone)?
Please refer to the important dates’ tab within the conference website.
2.Should the example template be followed whilst writing and editing the article?
Yes, definitely. Articles must have the conference header and should also follow the outlined standards and guidelines. (Please download the Farsi (Persian) and English example template documents.)
3.Is it obligatory to include an English abstract?
No it is not obligatory.
4.Is it possible to ask the conference judges to announce their verdicts and arbitration sooner? (To get an acceptance and receive the required documents to send to a university etc.)
Yes, please upload your original full-text article on the conference website and then contact our secretariat office and inform them of your requirements. You will be informed of the result of your paper’s acceptance in two days on your user panel online.
5.How is an article submitted on the conference website?
You must click on the user accounts on the conference’s home page. You must then complete the online registration form after which you will be given a username and a password. Please enter the user accounts with your designated username and password. Then click on the send new article and upload your article’s file accordingly.
6.Should I pay the registration fee when I’m sending in my article?
No. Once you have sent your article, you must then wait for the result of your submission (Accepted / Rejected). If your article gets accepted to be presented in the conference and if you are willing to receive a conference certificate, you must then take the necessary actions to pay for your registration.
7.How much is the registration fee?
Please refer to the tariffs and fees section on the conference website.
8.Can articles be sent in English?
Yes. But if your article gets an oral acceptance, you must present your article in English on the day of the conference.
9.How are presentations made on the day of the conference?
1.Lecture: The head author must present the article on the day of the conference.
2.Poster: You must download the standard Microsoft Office PowerPoint template from the conference website and after merging your paper into it, you must send the file to the conference secretariat. These files will be printed by the secretariat and will be displayed on site on the day of the conference.
3.Virtual Presentation: These articles will be placed on the conference compact disk. Presentation types 1 and 2 will also be placed on the conference compact disk.
10.Can a certificate be issued earlier than the assigned date?
Yes. Once your article has been accepted and after your registration is complete, you can be presented with a temporary certificate. You must pay the registration fee prior to this step.
11. Will the articles be placed upon any website?
Yes. Articles will be uploaded to several creditable databases such as the “Islamic World Science Citation Center” (ISC) and the Civilica database.
12.Is there a discount for students who wish to participate?
All expenses and fees are placed on the conference website. Any special discounts will also be announced there.
13.Can I register online?
Yes. You can register both in person and online (over the phone). The fees for both types of registration are variant. If you register to participate in the conference in person you will be presented with the conference package, which includes the proof of presentation certificate and the conference collection of articles compact disk, on site. If not, your package will be sent directly to the address you have provided on the registration form online.
14.My article is on the subject of (…). Can I submit my article for acceptance in this conference?
Please refer to the conference topics section. If your article fits any of the topics mentioned there, it may be subject to acceptance. If not, it will be rejected by the conference judges.
15.My article is of the scientific-review or scientific-promoting type. Can I send my article to the conference?
This conference’s main priority is scientific-research based articles but you may also send us your articles. The secretariat office will send your article to the conference judges and you will be informed of the result in time.
16.Can I send my article to the conference’s email address?
No. Articles are to be expected to be sent to the conference via the user panel provided on the conference website. If for any reason, you are unable to submit your article through the user panel, you must first contact the secretariat office and inform the team of the situation and then attempt to send in your article by email.
17.How can I be informed of the state in which my article is in?
After you have uploaded and submitted your article through the user panel on the conference website, please go to the article status tab to view any results available. An email will also be sent to the email address you have provided during the registration course.

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