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keynote speaker



Dr.hanan Taleb

(British University)


Dr.John Alexander Smith

(British University)


Dr.Fatima Smith

(British University)


Dr.Vahid Ghobadian


Dr.Iraj Etesam


Congress topics

Congress topics:


New developments in architecture and urban sustainable energy ideas


Engineering principles and control environmental pollution in cities
Impact on highways and Shopping malls in in urban tissue
The water crisis and ways to reduce consumption
Safety of crisis management and passive defense
Manage and optimize energy and construction
New towns and urban sustainable development
Urbanization and modern urban development
Traditional architecture and modern facilities
Management planning and urban design
Islamic Architecture and urban planning
Sustainable Architecture urban planning
Analysis of the contemporary architecture
Concept of Architecture and Urbanism
Waste and environmental pollution
Vital arteries and urban transport
Building new urban construction
Human scale in urban scale
Transportation Systems
Project Managment
Interior Architecture
Free Car Cities
Urban Design
Urban elements

Civil engineering topics:


·       New and innovative technologies in civil engineering


·       Crisis management safety and passive defense


·       Construction and performance management


·       Transportation and traffic engineering


·       Transportation Systems management


·       High-tech concrete technology


·       Earthquake engineering


·       Structural engineering


·       Project management






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