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Participation advantages

The advantages of taking part in the conference:

This conference is in fact an extract of the experience of well-known, propounded and highly influential international architects in the fields of urbanization and contemporary architecture and analyses their viewpoints. Apart from the specialized panels and lectures presented by well-known local and foreign professors, a tour of the city and the projects under construction will take place. This will hopefully lead to better and more suitable solutions to solving the environmental and urban problems and issues that we are faced with in our dear country Iran.

1.Taking part in specialized panels and workshops.


2.Presence and participation certificates in English.


3.All accepted articles will be given the “COI” code.


4.Conference participants who do not have any submitted or accepted articles will receive a certificate proving their participation.


5.Unique trophies and appreciation certificates and exquisite awards will be presented to chosen participants.


6.The chance and opportunity to meet and acknowledge several top professors and dozens of representatives, employers and organizations in a short period of time.


7.Participants will be presented with a conference package which includes the CD of all the presented full-text articles, conference awards and gifts from sponsors, etc.


8.Top articles will be published in the scientific-studious journals and magazines who support the conference.


9.An acceptance certificate will be issues for all the authors of each article. The articles will also be published and presented.


10.All accepted articles in this conference will be uploaded to and unveiled on the Civilica database free of charge.


11.An arbitration of all the sent articles and the full-text of all the accepted articles will be available on the conference compact disk.


12.A participation certificate will be presented to all the participants which is equal to 8 hours of educational workshops on a national standard.


13.All accepted articles will be placed and available on our national content consortium free of charge.


14.The articles presented in the conference will be published in the scientific journals that support the conference. They will also be placed on and available on the Civilica database and the

Iranian national content consortium.


15.All of the accepted papers will be published in the conference’s electronic book of collected articles free of charge.


16.The opportunity and chance for students to meet professors, theoreticians, chief managers and officials involved in the country’s architecture and urbanization plans in person.


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